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labrador szczenięta
labrador retriever
labrador retriever mioty

Miot P2. Szczenięta czekoladowe ze skojarzenia VICEROY EFFULGENT Black&Chocolate & MANGA SUN Sitkowski Bor
ur. 06.04.2018

Miot F2. Szczenięta biszkoptowe ze skojarzenia DAVIDOFF Sitkowski Bor & TUTTI-FRUTTI Sitkowski Bor ur. 28.12.2017

2018 miot F2 - sitkowskibor.pl_1521670489_labradory_f2_02.jpg

Miot T2. Szczenięta czarne i czekoladowe ze skojarzenia QUE SERA Sitkowski Bór &
ur. 03.01.2018 r.


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The puppies from our breeding are taken with highest care and good socjalized. All the day they have a contact with people. They leave home at aerliest in 8th month of live. They have passed the antiworm treating and necessary vaccination.
The new owner receives together with a dog:
- purchase contract,
- birth certificate, which is necessery for pedigree metrics,
- the health book,
- the copy of entry's inspection,
- the fodder which is the dog used,
- a piece of blankef from haunt,
- the information brochure regarding the breeding

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